“It was several years ago but I still remember it! The chiropractic was really amazing. When they pushed my back, I could often hear a very short sound from my back and I gradually realized that it was how it worked! Later I moved to Washington DC area and I tried another chiropractor in Maryland and the practice was different and there was no such push on the back to make the noise and it was less effective. The DC one was also much more expensive while the charge by the Midland Michigan chiropractic clinic was low and so very affordable even if there is no insurance coverage (I did get a small part of insurance coverage). I would wish to go back to get more treatment if possible.” – Xianglu H.

“Really nice family, always friendly and very fast service. The wellness fair in the summer is also fun, especially for those interested in learning more about a holistic lifestyle.” – Torey D.
“I recently had a tooth pulled this week. While the dentist was working He dislocated my jaw.. I went to see Steve at Simmons specific chiropractic and had him look at it. He was so gentle. My jaw its now realigned and I’m virtually pain free.. Steve also cured my son of Epilepsy.. 3 people in my family have this disorder and Larry is the only one whom has had chiropractic care and the only who is now off all medication and has been seizure free for 2 years now. Steve is always ready with a smile and a great attitude.” – Angela H Elliott
“Everyone from when you walk in the doors to the doctor was awesome. I was so nervous and everyone was comforting and when I had the adjustment done I was so pleasantly surprised! I would bring my children here and recommend this office to my grandparents” – Katie Drudge
“Great service! Everyone is nice, happy, friendly, and amazing. I was in severe pain due to my lower back and they were able to make me smile while at the same time helping me feel better. P.s. my back feels great now!” – Tonya Allen
“HIGHLY recommended! My husband and I both go and was one if the first places we took our daughter after she was born! Adjusted at 5 days old and ever since…happy and healthy baby and family!!” – Jessica Pettipas Parks
“My friend Joeanna, said go to dr Simmons. He helped me& my five yr old grandson with ADHD & asp. He’s 19 now. He just graduated. Been seeing Dr about 14 yr. He is the best Dr & Friend !!!” – Marge Clarke
“Excellent staff & amazing customer service…I can’t say enough good things about Simmons Specific Chiropractic!! ” – Mary Dumont Donnelly
“Love this place! Wonderful care and efficient! Best chiropractor I’ve been to”
“Highly recommended. These guys are good at what they do.” – Nate Morse