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Specific Chiropractic

A woman getting chiropractic adjustments for her neck pain.

What is "Specific Chiropractic"?

First and foremost, “Specific Chiropractic” means it is specific to you! No two spines are the same, and therefore, no two adjustments are alike. The procedure and protocol are specific. What does that actually mean? We take the time to find your actual neurological thermographic pattern of interference. When we analyze your spine we do so up to a hundredth of a millimeter. We also look at your spine in each dimension from side-to-side, front, back, and top to bottom to gain an accurate look at your spine.

There are 274 different combinations of your Atlas, and the Axis can misalign now with the invention of the Simmons Angle Table. This is upgraded to 15 “S-Angles,” and you can take that original number up to 4,110 now that is specific.

You may have been to a chiropractor and thought, “It seems like they do the same thing to everyone and to me every time.” Even if you have been to a chiropractor before, you probably haven’t experienced specific chiropractic; because of the intricate detail, specificity, and additional training, most chiropractors don’t practice it. So, what is “specific chiropractic?” It’s exactly as the name implies; it is specific. The practice is specific to your spine, just like your fingerprint is specific to you.

Have I Had Specific Chiropractic Care?

Here are a few questions to help you find out if you’ve had specific chiropractic care:

  • Did you have an objective pre-check to determine if an adjustment was needed?
  • Did you have an objective post-check after each adjustment to ensure the Vertebral Subluxation has been reduced?
  • Did they only have to contact one or two specific places per adjustment?
  • Have you ever not needed an adjustment on any one visit?

If not, you have not had specific chiropractic care.

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