Sports Injury


Sports Injury

Sports injury is a very common reason we see patients in our office. Whether you’re in a beginner, intermediate or advanced sport, if you don’t use proper technique throughout your activity, or if your spine is misaligned before you involve yourself in physical activity, you could end up with an unexpected injury. It’s important to be aware of your body and the signals it sends to your brain.

If you start to feel pain, stop what you’re doing immediately to prevent further injury. Sometimes we think our bodies will hold out and it’s just a temporary influx of pain. But in actuality, our bodies are warning us to slow down or stop.

Unfortunately, your joints are the primary targets to sports injury when overworked during strenuous activities. Should you be injured, apply a cold compress to alleviate the inflammation and swelling immediately. The next step would be to call our office or just come in to be seen by one of our doctors.

The sooner you come into our office, the quicker we can address your sports injury. Adjustments along with other stretches and appropriate exercises will help speed up your recovery time. Often times, the nerve endings are compressed between bones, which causes the pain to manifest. By realigning your joints and bone structure, feeling will be restored to the nerves. That’s when the blood flow and other body fluids will start to circulate around your injury and natural healing will begin to take place.

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