Spinal Screenings


Spinal Screenings

The back and spine play an important role in the health of your body. When you have concerns about back pain or you want to limit the risk of facing complications with your health, spinal and postural screening provides the tools you need to limit your risks. A chiropractor in our clinic evaluates your back and spine to determine better ways to handle your situation and lifestyle.

What is Spinal and Postural Screening?

Spinal and postural screening refers to a method of checking the health of your back and spine. It is often used to identify problems like scoliosis or related spinal health concerns. It also identifies poor posture and the potential risks associated with your posture.

At Simmons Specific Chiropractic, we offer screening services in Midland MI to catch potential problems before it complicates your health and lifestyle. We focus on the location of the cause and spinal screening helps us identify the options available for your situation. Essentially, it is a diagnostic tool used to catch problems early or to correct poor posture as a preventative measure for your health.

How It Helps

As a diagnostic tool, the screening helps by determining when your posture contributes to health concerns. Since your back and neck pain may stem from poor posture, we evaluate your situation and then develop a plan of action to correct your posture.

The screening also allows us to catch problems like scoliosis before it worsens or complicates your lifestyle. Early diagnosis allows us to provide appropriate tools and treatments to improve the alignment of your spine and back. While the severity of the concern impacts your treatment options, early detection allows us to provide appropriate tools to correct the problem while also treating the underlying pain associated with a spinal health concern.

When to Get a Screening

Timing for spinal and postural screening depends on several factors, including personal preferences and goals. As a general rule, we recommend screenings for every child and young teenager during middle school. If you suspect scoliosis, then an earlier screening is recommended. The primary reason to consider screening at an early age is the growth and development of the body. Early screening catches the problem and allows us to treat the curvature in the spine as a child or teenager grows. As a result, the severity of the condition reduces and the body heals.

Young individuals should get regular screenings on an annual or bi-annual basis. We also recommend a screening if you get into an accident, experience unexpected back pain or go through any situation that may harm your back and spine. It also helps you have any concerns stemming from family history or due to your activities and work.

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Your posture and spine impact your health and body. When you have any concerns about pain, discomfort or even an accident, a screening allows us to identify complications and locate the underlying concerns. To learn more about our diagnostic tools and care plans, contact us today.

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