Pregnancy pains can be caused by numerous reasons. With the constant movements of your precious little baby inside your tummy, it’s no wonder your experiencing pain or discomfort. Your body also goes through so many changes in such a short time frame, which can cause the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Since chiropractic care uses gentle a specific adjustment to the spine and joints to promote natural healing of the body, it only makes sense to come see us even throughout your pregnancy. Many women have selected our practice when they are experiencing mild to severe pregnancy symptoms because we have a caring and professional team to work with.

We offer the Webster’s technique which allows the baby to naturally turn into position for childbirth allowing a quick and easy labor with less stress and trauma to the baby and the mom.

Are you experiencing pain in the following areas?

  • Rib cage
  • Lower back
  • Knee, hip or ankles
  • Neck

If you answered yes to any of these areas or are experiencing other symptoms that are preventing you from enjoying your pregnancy, you could benefit from visiting Simmons Specific Chiropractic.

Did you also know that chiropractic adjustments could help put your body back on track if you’re having fertility issues? That’s right, your body could be out of alignment due to your physical activities both in the past and present. In turn, causing a miscommunication in your nervous system. Any blockage of your nervous system can prevent your body from working as one whole unit.

Don’t take our word for it, call to schedule your appointment with us. We would love nothing better than to help you feel happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy or get you on your way to starting your own little family.

“Great service! Everyone is nice, happy, friendly, and amazing. I was in severe pain due to my lower back and they were able to make me smile while at the same time helping me feel better. P.S. my back feels great now!”

Tonya Allen

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