Personal Injury


Personal Injury

Personal injury can be the result of an auto accident, sport related injury, work related, or other unforeseen accidents. The injuries can vary from mild, acute cases to severe, chronic cases. Some may feel immediate pain, while many people don’t realize to what extent their injury is until later on when they start experiencing pain or discomfort in their normal, day-to-day routine.

Our Chiropractors use noninvasive techniques that have proven to relieve some of the worst cases. Personal injury can leave you feeling tired, limit your range of motion, and cause pain. These symptoms can affect other parts of your body, which in turn will continue the pain cycle.

If you have a personal injury as a result of an accident, playing sports, exercising or other strenuous activities, you could benefit from a visit to Simmons Specific Chiropractic. We are able to view in great detail where your injury is located. Once we’ve established why you’re in pain, we can create an adjustment plan that will get you back up and running.

You might be feeling as if there is no one who will listen to you about the pain your experiencing from a personal injury. We will listen and come up with a solution, call and talk with us today. Simmons Specific Chiropractic employ professionals who are compassionate, caring and understanding of your situation.

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