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When you come to our office, it won’t be surprising to know that we have the answer to help you get on your way to healing. Our natural and gentle adjustment of the spine can alleviate a lot of pressure built up on the nerve endings, giving in many cases instant pain relief. This pressure in turn can be causing you pain and discomfort.

The doctors will first sit down with you for a consultation. This will help our Chiropractors better understand what your symptoms are. Next, they will perform an exam that helps them identify any musculoskeletal abnormalities. After the exam, you will be taken to have X-Rays done for a more detailed look into the area of pain. Finally, our doctors will develop a plan of action to correct the problem area.

With our experience and education combined, we will be able to help you feel better than when you first came into our office. What are you waiting for? Call or stop by Simmons Specific Chiropractic today!

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